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Nancy Horowitz Moilanen

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Speech-Language Pathologist


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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Who may attend Well Together Neuro Rehab™?
A: Well Together Neuro Rehab™ is physician prescribed and designed to help patients whose abilities have been compromised due to a wide range of health and disability issues.

Q: What are Well Together Neuro Rehab’s™ goals?
A: Our goals are to assist each individual in reaching their highest level of function, reducing social isolation, and optimizing independence. Social isolation, decreased level of function, and increased dependence upon others is a common result of communication and movement challenges.

Q: What treatments are provided?
A: In a “theme-based” social setting, we utilize movement, live music, thinking, listening & speaking skills along with colorful & high-interest conversation pieces. We work closely with caregivers to best assist patients during treatment and t home. This unique combination offers patients a multi-sensory approach for self- improvement.

Q: How can I enroll myself or a loved one?
A: Ask my doctor for a referral or contact Nancy Horowitz Moilanen M.A. CCC SLP.

Q: How are these services paid for?
A: Usually Medicare and private insurances cover our services.